Spicy Boi Chilli Margarita Cerveza 375ml Can


Our new Summer seasonal brew, the Spicy Boi Chilli Margarita Cerveza is our hottest creation yet. With a Mexican lager base, it has been brewed with malted corn which provides a subtle sweetness. Then we’ve added all the ingredients of a refreshing margarita - right down to the zesty limes, salt and hints of agave. 

But with a Common People twist, we're bringing the heat all the way to your bones with the addition of some fresh habanero chillies. Here for the warmer months, our new seasonal has a bit of a kick but at an ABV of 4.9%, it won’t send you sideways!

Always looking for ways to involve local producers and farmers, Common People reached out to local farmer Pete from Hinterland Hillbilly Chilly to procure some red hot habaneros. The chillies hit all your senses in the beer - you can smell them before you taste them.

The brew has a well balanced kick - not too hot if you generally can’t handle the heat, but if you love to warm your bones, you’ll start to feel it at the end of the glass. And it continues to build up as you get stuck into the next one!

4.9% ALC/VOL

Spicy Boi Chilli Margarita Cerveza 375ml Can



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