Previous Brews

Previous Brews

Our previous special batch beers, which may well just return one day:


7.0% ABV
This is the one we have been waiting for! After 9 months of residence in Cape Byron Distillery whiskey barrels the Moonless Midnight Stout has taken an altogether different worldly form.

The intense coffee and chocolates combine with the oak, bourbon and whiskey flavours imparted from the barrels to create the most silky smooth Stout you will have ever tasted. The perfect balance of tannins, roasts, sweetness and heat. Stoke up the fire, it's time to enjoy that barrel aged goodness.



4.7% ABV
Picture this... 1
895, Liege, Belgium: a family bakery called GiCoPa specialises in sweets based on candied sugar, marzipan and speculoos.

 GiCoPa is also famous for “Monkey Balls” - the Very Sour Cherry or “couilles de singe”. This citric cherry candy cheekily takes its name from its shape and pink colour.

The very sour outer layer surprises the taste buds, makes your face pucker up and your mouth water before you go back for more of the sweetness hidden inside.

This creation is a kettle sour and we have gone extra sour on this one. Masses of Monkey Balls candy has been added for that perfect balance of sweet, sour and cherry tartness.

Santè, Santè!!



4.7% ABV
An historical beer with origins dating back over 500 years to Germany. This slightly soured tart wheat beer has been created with the succulent 'Pigface' (Karkalla) plant which you may have seen growing in the sand dunes in our local area. The pigface was sourced from our good friends at Pocket Herbs and adds its own unique saltiness.

Coriander seed enhances the floral and spice notes leaving you with a seriously refreshing beer with bright flavours. Perfect for cleansing the palate with a rich savoury food accompaniment. Enjoy!



4.6% ABV

Introducing our Cherry Good Sour. A kettle-soured inspiration using lactobacillus that has been brewed with masses of ripe cherries added post-fermentation. Brewed with a saison yeast to enhance the fruit character in its aroma and taste.

You can sip on this sour to experience a refreshing palate cleansing beer that has been balanced with the sweet and sour in mind to allow those cherries to shine! Enjoy the autumn days with this one by your side.



7.6% ABV

In Belgium, beer craftmanship is part of the culture and tradition. In Bangalow our tradition lies in the billycart, which every year is raced down our main street by brave locals. To celebrate the return of the Bangalow Billycart Derby we have decided to splice these two great traditions into one delicious beer - the Billycart Blonde.

This Belgian Blonde has a bright golden appearance, with a sweet malty aroma of honey and spice. The smooth and rounded mouthfeel balances well with tastes of honeydew, finishing with a medium bitterness. Just like the ride down the Bangalow main street, at 7.6% ABV this beer is not for the faint at heart, but may just be the best ride of your life. Fortune favours the brave!



4.4% ABV
As indulgent as the name suggests. This kettle soured creation has masses of fresh raspberries and blackberries from our friends at Blueberry Fields in Brooklet.

Finished off with intense Christmas cherries from Orange, this sour is a perfect harmony of tart and sweet fruit accentuated by the saison yeast imparting its own fruit to this orchestra of flavour. The iridescent pink colouring will leave you with no doubt of what is about to delight the taste buds. Merry Christmas to all!




5.4% ABV
With the help of our Rebuild The Northern Rivers auction prize winner Andrew Russell, we have brewed this German style Dunkel with a Belgian tilt. This is a seriously complex Dunkel. Deep toasted notes combined with intense malt and caramels from additions of Belgian candied sugars offer a taste that will leave you pondering that last sip for quite some time.

Smooth and rich, a restrained bitterness and relatively dry finish that allows for drinking in quantity! Say no more... bar person, Dunkel please!



4.2% ABV
This beer is in the style of a ‘Radler’, a light in alcohol beer from Europe brewed to quench the thirst of the Alpine cyclists riding down the hills - and get them home in one piece.

A helles lager with an infusion of lemon and lime offering a zesty finish, it’s perfect for the summer sunshine. We’ve brewed this one just for the Bangalow Film Festival, so take your own ride around the Hinterland hills and Bangalow’s main strip, then sit back and relax to your favourite movie with this drop in hand.



5.8% ABV
Our Peach Saison is a traditional Farmhouse Ale. We’ve added bucketloads of fresh white peaches from the Buckley farm just outside of Bangalow which provides a fruity punch.

This saison has been crafted from a variety of grains, finished with a wild yeast that promotes phenolic flavours and adds fruit and spice. The beer finishes dry and has a crisp bitterness that is balanced with the peach sweetness. Enjoy this one in the Spring sunshine!



4.5% ABV
Meet Tygerclaw, our Japanese inspired sour lager! Sour lager?? Yes an unusual teaming up of bedfellows. This collaboration with the team at Brisbane’s Netherworld sees a kettle sour combined with lager yeast and additions of cherry blossom flowers (Sakura).

This adds an incredible flavour of floral blossom and earthy notes that are balanced out with a smooth lactic sourness and a clean finish promoted by the lager yeast. Tygerclaw Sakura Sour Lager! Kanpia!



6.6% ABV
**Very Limited Edition** This is the father of our Stout. It has been aged on oak in our Cape Byron Distillery whiskey barrels, infusing the beer with its unmistakable whiskey and bourbon flavours.

Heavy raisin and tobacco are accentuated with vanilla that is accustom with a good whiskey. Have a seat on our vintage leather couch in front of the fire with a glass of this number in hand.



5.1% ABV
What do you get when you add a whole heap of freshly picked, local pecan nuts to a traditional British brown ale? The Barefoot Brown! Being released for the Harvest Food Trail, this limited edition brew has been made in collaboration with our mates at Barefoot Farm in Eltham. These guys produce some of the best pecan nut products around, and our pecan nut brown ale infused with their nuts is definitely no exception.

This beer boasts the colour of rich mahogany and possesses a malt forward profile with notes of biscuit and chocolate, with a fine balance of bitterness.

The pecan flavour comes in late to finish off what is a perfect beer for this colder weather. So settle in by the fire with a big glass of our Barefoot Brown, and dream about a warm blanket of pecan goodness.



3.5% ABV
This is a very limited edition Harvest Trail Happy Sour. We’ve taken our delicious wheat based Berliner-Weisse style sour beer and infused it with fresh, locally grown guavas from our good friends up the road at Newrybar Guavas.

Also added are native lilly pilly fruits from the trees right out the front of our brewery. It doesn’t get any more local than that! The result is a delicious effervescent beer with a crisp finish and a hint of the guava fruit sweetness.

Add to this the juicy acidity and malty mouthfeel and we have ourselves a true Harvest Trail delight.



7.3% ABV
The Dubbel Drunk Monk is a Belgian Style Dubbel - a complex mix of rich toasted malts combining flavours of raisins and plum. Dried fruits and caramels accompany the hints of banana in the phenolics. Hold it up to the light and let your eyes drink in that rich reddish copper before toasting to the monks that created the style, then welcome the complex brew to the palate.



3.5% ABV
There’s no better combination of words than “happy” and “hour”. So we’ve dedicated our latest special batch brew to this winning time of day. Raise a glass to our newest brew on the block, our Happy Sour.

This is a wheat based Berliner-Weisse style sour - a kettle sour where the lactobacillus is added over a two to three day brewing process until a favourable lactic acid profile is produced. This creates a beer with a crisp finish and juicy acidity.

Its aroma has a slight lemony fruitiness and is reminiscent of sourdough bread. In future, our Happy Sour will lend itself to the additions of seasonal fruit harvested from the local area, so be sure to keep watch on our latest brews news!



3.4% ABV
This traditional English Style Bitter is a collaborative effort with our good mates at The Eltham. Low alcohol and carbonation make this one very sessionable beer.

The malt profile exhibits notes of light caramels, biscuit and bread and low roast flavours compliment a hint of hop fruit. A hazy creation because that’s where a lot of the flavour is residing! Light on alc, so you can enjoy those extra couple of beers with us.



8.5% ABV
The first in our series of staff brews, helped along through recipe development and brewing by our Belgian born bar manager, Sarah.

Inspired by a Belgian beer brewed in an abbey where the lunar calendar played an important role in the monastic life. The monks only brewed this beer at a very specific time: that of the full moon. This practice, based on ancestral and astrological beliefs, was supposed to guarantee better quality and conservation of the beer.

This beer displays a golden colour, delicate bitterness and the addition of amber candied sugar makes it a formidable Belgian Triple. It is said that after two or three of these, people take on the form of other worldly beings.....Werewolves!



6.8% ABV
This is our most lip-puckering of creations yet! Using a magical strain of lactobacillus 'Helveticus’, we have dialled up the flavour intensity. A tip of the hat to our local legend Simon who supplied masses of delicious tangelos from his trees around the corner.

What even is a tangelo, you ask? Think a cross between a naval orange and a grapefruit, giving a unique sweet and tart flavour perfectly complementing the style. A perfect palate cleanser with any meal, with enough heat to warm those winter bones!



5.8% ABV
The Märzen or March beer is the traditional beer sold in Europe for the German Oktoberfest. As the name suggests this beer is traditionally brewed in March and lagered in cold caves during the summer for enjoying at the October festival. A malty amber German lager that presents rich toasted bread crust and caramel notes and finishes with a soft, elegant and clean malty finish. Enjoy this one at our very own beer hall at Common People. October has arrived, PROST!


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