Our Story

The people behind this new craft brewery are family and friends. We’re Common People.

The majority of us were born and raised in the Northern Rivers region. After exploring the world and finding life partners, we have each found our way back to our roots, to raise our families.

Growing up and living in this area has given us an incredible appreciation of what the region has to offer, both naturally and culturally. Our beers and our brewery showcases what’s on offer from the region with beers designed by the people for the people, reflecting everything that makes the area great - the beaches, the rivers, the hinterland, even the soil fertility!

Our Craft

Common People has a core range of crafty and sessional beers that are always on offer, including an IPA, a Pale Ale, a White Ale, a Hazy IPA, a Lager and a Stout.

We also get super crafty with our Seasonable brews which hang around for a few months, and always have something new for you to try with our limited edition Special Batch Brews, which are experimental and artisanal, using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients wherever possible.

Become a commoner and join us for a cold one. 


We love all things local

We have engaged Northern Rivers suppliers and builders throughout every phase of our brewery build. We work with nearby farmers and producers to facilitate circular business practices, such as donating spent grain to feed livestock.

Our wine, sparkling, coffee, zero beer, softies and juice offerings are all Australian, starting with businesses from the region as much as possible, then casting the net across the country. Our printer is just a few doors down. 

We have proudly sponsored events like the Bangalow Film Festival, Bangalow Show and the Billycart Derby, even brewing special beers for some of them! We are more than happy to discuss sponsorship or donations for your local event or fundraiser.

Get to know some of our legendary suppliers who have made our brewery dreams come to life. 


Environmental responsibility is at the core of everything we do

Here’s some info on how we stick to our promise to do right by nature:

  • 100% recyclable packaging and printing 
  • Circular practices, providing spent grain to local farmers
  • A trade waste system to ensure we're not putting anything nasty down the drain
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products and bathroom supplies, including ones that pay it forward
  • Reusable menus and coasters
  • We added a stack of solar to our roof to soak up that beautiful Northern Rivers sunshine and energy

And that's just the start! 


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