Special Batch Brews

In addition to our core range, we produce a bunch of limited edition special batch brews that will be on rotation in our taproom. There'll always be something new to try at Common People! 

Here's what's pouring on tap at the moment;


What do you get when you add a whole heap of freshly picked, local pecan nuts to a traditional British brown ale?  The Barefoot Brown!

Being released for the Harvest Food Trail, this limited edition brew has been made in collaboration with our mates at Barefoot Farm in Eltham. These guys produce some of the best pecan nut products around, and our pecan nut brown ale infused with their nuts is definitely no exception.

This beer boasts the colour of rich mahogany and possesses a malt forward profile with notes of biscuit and chocolate, with a fine balance of bitterness. The pecan flavour comes in late to finish off what is a perfect beer for this colder weather.  So settle in by the fire with a big glass of our Barefoot Brown, and dream about a warm blanket of pecan goodness.


This is a very limited edition Harvest Trail Happy Sour. We’ve taken our delicious wheat based Berliner-Weisse style sour beer and infused it with fresh, locally grown guavas from our good friends up the road at Newrybar Guavas. Also added are native lilly pilly fruits from the trees right out the front of our brewery. It doesn’t get any more local than that!

The result is a delicious effervescent beer with a crisp finish and a hint of  the guava fruit sweetness.  Add to this the juicy acidity and malty mouthfeel and we have ourselves a true Harvest Trail delight.


Paying homage to founders’ eight kids who have clocked some serious hours at the brewery while their parents worked furiously to open the doors, the Ankle Biter is also a tribute to our fearless GM who suffered a nasty burn on his leg when brewing this beer.

This full body California Common (Steam Ale) is brewed with lager yeast and fermented at ale temperatures. The result offers the formation of a big ester profile. Late hopping of Amarillo produces citrusy orange and grapefruit notes on the nose and palate. Big on the residual malt and bitterness you would be forgiven for thinking this is a full strength beer but at an ABV of 3.8%, you can head back to the bar for another.


This is our take on a traditional German Helles lager. “Helles” meaning bright or light, using lightly coloured pilsner malts fermented for an extended time produces a clean lager with a soft finish that is carried through by a robust bitterness. Subtle notes of spice are also evident from the traditional noble hop Saaz. Well-balanced and finishing at 4.3% in alcohol, our Helles Hole should please all the lager enthusiasts out there.

We’re paying a cheeky nod to a hidden and treacherous spot in nearby Mount Jerusalem National Park. Yet another natural wonder in our little slice of paradise.


“Dark as a Moonless Midnight”, this sweet stout exhibits notes of coffee, cacao and hints of tobacco. A full bodied sweetness to finish is balanced with roasted malts and smooth bitterness. It’s like a nice hug in a glass. Keep a look out for its big brother currently residing in the American oak whiskey barrels in our tasting room…


Our previous special batch beers, which may well just return one day;


This big hop forward Hazy IPA has a decidedly intense hop aroma of coconut and fresh pineapple. The two hops responsible are Sabro and El Dorado, offering that burst of tropical flavours. Its vibrant colour and shiny opaque appearance makes it look as juicy as it tastes with a super smooth finish derived from the protein haze. El Sabro has a gentle bitterness but packs a huge fruit punch that will make you forget we missed the summer..... Rediscover it for a moment in the glass sitting before you.


The Dubbel Drunk Monk is a Belgian Style Dubbel - a complex mix of rich toasted malts combining flavours of raisins and plum. Dried fruits and caramels accompany the hints of banana in the phenolics. Hold it up to the light and let your eyes drink in that rich reddish copper before toasting to the monks that created the style, then welcome the complex brew to the palate.


There’s no better combination of words than “happy” and “hour”. So we’ve dedicated our latest special batch brew to this winning time of day. Raise a glass to our newest brew on the block, our Happy Sour.

This is a wheat based Berliner-Weisse style sour - a kettle sour where the lactobacillus is added over a two to three day brewing process until a favourable lactic acid profile is produced. This creates a beer with a crisp finish and juicy acidity. Its aroma has a slight lemony fruitiness and is reminiscent of sourdough bread. In future, our Happy Sour will lend itself to the additions of seasonal fruit harvested from the local area, so be sure to keep watch on our latest brews news!